August 2004

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Milica wants a bike with a basket of flowers in front and back One of the ubiquitous self photos Milica made some comparision between my big head and these maraca-type things Scooters, they made Milica's day
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She's not hard core enough for a real motorcycle But she looks really cute on a scooter
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Blackberries were plentiful, but very sour, on the bushes by the side of the road. Granville Island has a water park and swings and slides for people who are kids at heart The galleries and artist workshops were everywhere. This isn't someone's art, it's their drippings.
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Vancouverites love their dogs. So does Mica. We came across a gallery showing First Nation art. These masks were stunning
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And sometimes a little funny. Sometimes it was just us being funny. Little carved musk ox.