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Milica and I went to Chicago for a short trip. We had a great time...'s a great, walkable city... ...and the public transportation was neat, though the re-routing for the subway line nearest our hotel was frustrating. Even the rust was pretty.
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We ate so much rich food that we had to go to Whole Foods to get some groceries so we could give our stomachs a chance to rest. Milica found the grocery cart of potatoes, which filled her Eastern European heart with happiness. The magnificent mile was a zoo. The rest of Chicago was stunning, though I wish I knew the skyline better. This is the Tribune tower, it's covered in cute little gargoyles.
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This was an interesting building. The bottom levels were for parking, with each car facing out, and the top levels were condos. The engineer in me wants to know if the rooms are all trapazoidal. One of our many self-portraits. Chicago is solidly for Obama. Obama HQ. They wouldn't let us upstairs to visit though.
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Canada did not figure prominently in Chicago. No Canadian ice wine on any menus and this street ran a whole two blocks. Chicago does a great job with its public space. Milica cooled her feet in a pool at Millenium Park. One of the best parts of the park was the crown fountain. Not only is it public art, but it's fun too!
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On either end were two glass monoliths which had big faces projected from the inside. Water would pour down the side like a waterfall.
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And every five minutes there would be a spout of water that came out. The kids stood around chanting, "We want spit! We want spit!"
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Spit! As it got later in the day, the faces would get older... ... and older. Even old people spit though.
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It wasn't just the tourists that took advantage of the park. The Frank Gehry pavillion at the park is this gleaming, curved, open performace space. Very cool.
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Milica showing her love for Chicago. The orchestra was practicing for a concert later in the evening.