West Coast Road Trip

May 2005

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We're off!! In Vancouver before the wedding, we checked how blond hair extensions would look Milica insisted I cover my head when it rained, I insisted I not wear a hood We met up with Jaime and Cathleen for a walk around Stanley Park
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We saw some cute ducklings at Beaver Pond Dinner on Friday was at Dad's with Mike, Andrea, et al Michael and Isabella. Look at those cute cheeks. We got to meet all of Mike's family I got a new lens
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It's a lensbaby I love the fuzziness Milica thinks it's silly
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Isn't it cool? Introducing the new Mrs. Andrea Ryan and Mr. Ryan Ryan It's old news, but introducing Mr. and Mrs. Hefferlester The ceremony was held on the balcony of the penthouse suite of the Granville Island Hotel Everyone was dry eyed until Andrea started to cry.
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Then we all lost it. The officiant managed to finish it before the rain started There was champagne and smiles all around My new family.
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After the ceremony, there was a party down in the bar Auntie Elaine, Bob and Isabella