Road trip to Quebec City

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Uzeman had a leisurely start to the long weekend He packed up his necessities Ate a bowl of cereal Ate a bowl of cereal
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And put his seat belt on, even though he was sitting in the back seat Uzeman slept a little on the drive to Quebec City He helped with the navigating And, even though he couldn't see over the steering wheel, he wanted to drive
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After five hours of driving, Uzeman just wanted to sit and relax So Milica and I went on a walk around the old city There was still a lot of snow on the ground, and Milica was only wearing loafers Some Japanese tourists, however, were wearing shorts.
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We took the requisite pictures of us sitting on the cannons Picked up a bottle of champagne to drink before diner. Uzeman really appreciated it. This is Milica getting ready to go out.
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We ate at St. Amour. It was excellent. This is what we had. The next day Uzeman joined us on our tour of the city. Our B&B is in the background, on the left. Very cute, but the walls were a little thin. In the window of a book store, we saw a picture of Mehmet!