Australia and New Zealand

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Milica saying "Sayonara, snow!" We landed in Vancouver, can't you tell? False Creek... ...frozen over
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Those Vancouverites, so prepared for winter! (He's shovelling with a sign.) The palm trees must have been wondering what had happened.
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The city came to a standstill, but Dad just plowed right ahead. The ferrys were going too.
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The view from Andrea and Mike's apartment on Christmas Eve. Mike made crab for dinner... ...yummy! Hobbit feet!
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The Nauman/Ryan family On time departure in the face of a snow storm and 18 hours later, Sydney! What 18 hours of travel looks like. The opera house
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Stunning... ...with great curves... ...but showing its age. It's covered in tile, to better hold up under the harsh Australian sun
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Everyone likes posing in front of the opera house. Some of us closer than others. We cheaped out on the bridge climb...
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...and walked across the free part instead. Sydney isn't the place to visit if you're paranoid that "they" are watching you. They have parrots instead of pigeons, lucky them
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We went to the botanical gardens The bamboo grows with messages from God. I think we saw these birds in Africa.
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Effective studying technique. We took the ferry to Manley beach. Where the water was not exactly warm. When you're small, your Dad doesn't have to dig that far down.